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Managing the Make Votes Matter Facebook page

Since the summer of 2020, I have been helping to manage the Facebook Page of the Make Votes Matter political campaign group as one of a team of volunteers. Make Votes Matter are working to change the electoral system in the UK from First Past The Post to a form of Proportional Representation, which will help to ensure that the amount of sway that a political party controls within the House of Commons correlates more accurately with the overall popular vote across the country.

One of the main issues with the current First Past The Post system is that once a winner has been determined in an area, the rest of the votes no longer matter. This means that both a close loss and an overwhelming victory in an area would constitute a stack of wasted votes for a political party. It also means that it is extremely difficult for smaller parties like the Greens to gain a solid political foothold despite the wide-spread support.

To put it in more striking terms, in 2019 General Election the Conservative Party received 44% of the popular vote in the UK, which won them 56% of the seats available in the House of Commons, and means that they now wield essentially 100% of the power. To find out more about hows and whys of the campaign for Proportional Representation in the UK, please visit the Make Votes Matter website.

Please find a few examples of my posts for the organisation below.