Game writing

Character design

Made as part of the Pixelles Portfolio programme detailing the character outline, and a few barks, for the steampunk gumshoe detective protagonist of a point-and-click adventure game.

Boudica cinematic script

Written as an exercise in creating a cinematic along the lines of a piece that might open proceedings for a Creative Assembly Total War game.

Interactive fiction

The Eidolon’s Escape‘ is a piece of interactive fiction I wrote using Twine. It was entered into the 2020 Interactive Fiction Competition where it placed 30th in a field of more than a hundred entries. This review from the IF forums user FriendOfFred summarises much of what I was hoping to achieve with the piece.

Please visit to play ‘The Eidolon’s Escape‘ and ‘Quo That Status‘ another game created over the course of a week for the 2020 AdventureX digital gamejam.