Managing the Make Votes Matter Facebook page

Here are a few of the posts that I have created for the Facebook Page of the Make Votes Matter political campaign group. Make Votes Matter are working to change the electoral system in the UK from First Past The Post to a form of Proportional Representation, which will help to ensure that the amount of sway that a political party controls within the House of Commons correlates more accurately with the overall popular vote across the country.

One of the main issues with the current First Past The Post system is that once a winner has been determined in an area, the rest of the votes no longer matter. This means that both a close loss and an overwhelming victory in an area would constitute a stack of wasted votes for a political party. It also means that it is extremely difficult for smaller parties like the Greens to gain a solid political foothold despite the wide-spread support.

To put it in more striking terms, in 2019 General Election the Conservative Party received 44% of the popular vote in the UK, which won them 56% of the seats available in the House of Commons, and means that they now wield essentially 100% of the power. To find out more about hows and whys of the campaign for Proportional Representation in the UK, please visit the Make Votes Matter website.

In terms of planning content for the Facebook page, by and large there will be articles touching on Proportional Representation to share with our followers or events within the wider campaign to promote. However, during occasional lulls in terms of stories to promote, I have taken it upon myself to create the following posts.

The post pictured below was one of a series of posts intended to distil and highlight one of Make Vote Matter’s “mythbuster” stories – a series of corrections to common misapprehensions about the alleged pitfalls of a Proportionally Representative system. I wanted to summarise both the misapprehension and the reality in an image that was eye-catching and easy to parse quickly.

I continued the series a few weeks later with an new image based on a different myth from the same page and using assets improved by other more design-oriented volunteers within the Make Votes Matter team.

Most recently I wanted to put out a fun Valentine’s Day post on the page.

My starting point for inspiration was to do something using the Distracted Boyfriend meme template but that wouldn’t support the message that I was trying to convey. But this starting point led me to think of pop-culture love triangles in which an obviously ideal pairing (read the UK and PR) is frustrated by an existing and terrible pairing (read the UK and FPTP).

The triangle at the heart of the sit-com ‘The Office’ came to mind and, although I’m a big fan of the UK version, decent images of Tim, Dawn and Lee are not easy to find. Jim, Pam and Roy however…

In all three cases, the posts performed markedly better than the posts sharing articles and calling for followers to sign and share the petition for PR around them.

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