‘The Eidolon’s Escape’ in the 2020 IFComp

Photo by Jack Ray on Unsplash

As part of a personal foray into the field of Narrative Design, I’ve created a piece of interactive fiction for the 2020 IFComp called ‘The Eidolon’s Escape‘. If you’re interested in playing through this choose-your-own-adventure style text-based game, please check it out among the 104 entries into this year’s competition.

If you do play through it, should you feel moved to leave a rating or to reach out to me personally with any feedback you might have about the game, it’d be hugely welcome. Bear in mind that reviews left on IFComp.org will only count towards the competition results if you have reviewed at least five entries.

I’ve not had a chance to play through all of my fellow entrants’ games (plus, I’ve been swerving Parser-based games) but a couple of my favourites from the pieces I have tried are ‘Congee‘ – a sweet little story “about food, belonging and seeking home” – as well as ‘Electric Word “Life”‘ – a terrible name but a great little story.

UPDATE: A little later than promised, please find a link to play The Eidolon’s Escape below (now via my itch.io account as ifcomp.org is no longer hosting the game). If you’re interested, this placed 30th in IFComp 2020’s field of more than 100 entries and earned me my new favourite mug. Huge thanks to the IFComp team for everything in terms of both running the competition and sorting out prizes for the participants.

The Eidolon's Escape by clarkemywords

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