Bedding in new tools and UGC campaigns

Screenshot of #MyQVCFind carousel from

At QVC UK customer engagement and fostering a sense of community were key objectives for the social channels and it was decided that the best way to help generate more engagement from the already active audience would be via user generated content.

Our followers had already demonstrated a propensity towards sharing images of their QVC purchases, with teddy bears and jar candles being real bankers in terms of getting a response from the crowd. Knowing this, we were seeing great results from requests made during the course of live TV broadcasts for customers to share their images with us via Twitter or Facebook, with customers valuing the chance to participate with the live show.

Now we needed a way to try and tap that enthusiasm within other product categories, and to make sure that we were making the best use of the content that we were receiving, rather than letting these wonderful contributions disappear into the social media reply archives.

Curalate is a third-party social media tool that we were already using to make the main Instagram account more shopper-friendly via the use of their Like2Buy solution. While this feature has since been made somewhat redundant by the increase in Instagram’s native commercial opportunities, I’d argue that it still offers a good user experience in terms of allowing customers to shop the feed in a platform-appropriate style, with some extra merchandising options built in (as illustrated in the image above).

After QVC UK acquired Curalate, I was tasked with embedding the service and got my team started in terms of using it to publish our daily content to the @QVCUK Instagram channel. With the tool up, running, and off to a good start, I was keen to utilise more of the benefits that it had to offer and set about preparing search parameters and widget designs for a user generated content campaign powered by Curalate’s Fanreel solution that would be built around the hashtag “#MyQVCFind” in line with QVC’s wider “Find what you love, love what you find” tag line.

With the groundwork in place, my team set about working with broadcast, video promotions and web design teams within the company to help spread the word about the UGC campaign. The broadcast team helped us with live TV and social-based live video content, the video promotions team created animated video content for use both on air and on our social media platforms, and our web design team ensured that the gallery widgets I had put together within Curalate were neatly embedded on the website.

The wider awareness generated through all of these channels helped to considerably widen the range of product images being submitted via the hashtag. Beauty, fashion and gardening images served to create a more complete and well-rounded impression of the items being purchased by our audience while the Instagram-centric aesthetic of the campaign fostered through content moderation gave it the aspirational look and feel that we were eager to convey to potential new customers as well.

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